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SERVICES GABION and RENO MATTRESS RECS is a preferred installer of Gabion Baskets and Reno Mattesses in the industry and we take pride in our ability in this area. Gabion and Reno Mattress structures can be used in a wide range of applications. They have been adopted in many civil projects for retaining structures, water energy dissipaters and various erosion control applications. They also have an aesthetic quality when faced and RECS have completed a project at Canberra’s Kingston Foreshore building architectural designed gabions that achieved a high quality result. REVEGETATION RECS has experience in various methods of Revegetation from Straw-Mulching, Hydro-Mulching, Hydro-Seeding and the Application of Various Erosion Control Products. We can offer supply and installation of various erosion protection products including - Jute Mesh, Biomac Blankets, North American Green P300, Silt fencing and Reno Mattresses. STRAW-MULCHING RECS offer a large capacity straw mulching machine which can process up to 500 bales of straw per hour spraying it out over the site A Bitumen or polymer binder can be sprayed over the straw to secure the straw to the soil surface. After Hydro seeding or direct seeding the layer of straw creates a ideal eco environment for germinating flora. Mulch reduces evaporation and sediment runoff and stabilises soil temperature HYDRO-MULCHING The Hydro mulching process is a cost effective one pass mulching method, which includes mixing seed, fertiliser, soil conditioners, binders and mulch material in a slurry form and sprayed on exposed earth areas. The mulch slurry is sprayed from the onboard spray monitor which can apply the material up to 40 metres from the unit, we also offer a specialised application where we can pump the mulch material by hose up 150 metres to 200 metres from the unit which allows us access to inaccessible terrain. The BFM can also be applied as a cost effective dust suppression product on major construction sites or in environmentally sensitive areas HYDRO-SEEDING Hydroseeding is a process to apply seed and fertiliser as a slurry to disturbed areas . The slurry is transported in our large capacity hydro-seeding unit and sprayed over prepared ground. Hydroseeding is an alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed and could be used to restore riparian vegetation in cleared land. RECS offers the services of a large capacity hydro-seeding machine that can seed and fertilise large areas in a minimal amount of time. Depending on soil requirements, lime, gypsum and other soil conditioners can be applied in a one pass method which is a cost and time effective means of distribution of these components. Hydro-seeding can also be used in conjunction with the Straw-Mulching process. EROSION CONTROL PRODUCTS RECS can offer the services of supply and or installation of various erosion protection products. • Jute Mesh – is used on embankments, drains together with hydro mulch and or bitumen emulsion. • Biomac Blankets – used on embankments and drains in conjunction with hydro seeding and hand seeding. • North American Green P300 –Provides permanent erosion control & vegetal reinforcement on sevier slopes, high discharge channels & shorelines with wave action. • Silt Fencing – fast and efficient installation of silt barrier fencing around construction sites. • Reno Mattress – Installation Rock Filled Wire Mattress,excellent erosion protection for Drop Structures, Flumes and Embankments SHOTCRETING RECS has experienced Operators to carry out Shot-creting activites and have been involved in the process over a number of years. Shotcrete is concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high pressure and velocity onto a prepared surface and sometimes onto a surface that has re-enforcement mesh / reo bar, as a construction technique. Shotcrete undergoes placement and compaction at the same time due to the force with which it is projected from the nozzle. It can be impacted onto any type or shape of surface, including vertical or overhead areas. HEADWALLS RECS has experience in various methods and depending on site requirements, can offer cast insitu headwalls, reno mattress structures and pre cast components . RETAINING STRUCTURES RECS has experience in various Aspects of construction of Retaining Structures using Concrete Panel and Post, Gabion Wall Construction and Shot-Creteing processes RECS also utilises the expertise of Design Engineers to ensure that structures are sound and meet engineering requirements. DRAINAGE RECS has experience in various Drainage works and methods. Maintenance on existing structures or installation of new, from scour protection to pipe work or drop structures SITE PREPARATION RECS has experience in site preparation and we have operators capable and ready to prepare your site for you. Alternatively, we can assist you with site preparation under guidance as a properly prepared site ensures good works to follow, so getting it right from the start is important to us and to you.
Revegetation & Erosion Control Services 3519 Moppity Rd, Young NSW 2594 (02) 6382 4588

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