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PROJECTS 2014 – Current - Tomingley Gold Operations - Onsite water Management, Bulk Earthworks, Civil works, Site rehabilitation works, Erosion Control Works Current - Spiecapag Lucas APA VNIE 3 - Gas Pipeline remediation works, Bulk earthworks. 2018 Upper Lachlan Shire Council MR54 Segment 600 - Remediation works including Shotcreteing and Rock riprap works. 2018 APA Young - Construct Laydown area and associated drainage 2017 Dubbo Regional Council – Golden Highway Remediation Works 2017 Hill Tops Council Young, Apps Lane Realignment – Top-soiling, seeding, Hydromulching, Jute-meshing, Catch and diversion drain edge formation works. 2017 Upper Lachlan Council various works MR54 including Segments 518 and 600, Shotcreteing, Rock riprap installation, Jute-meshing and Hydromulching works. 2017 Spiecapag Lucas Gas Pipeline - Rehabilitation works including earthworks, place fill, top-soiling, Jute-meshing, bitumen emulsion of rehabilitated areas 2017 APA Young –Gravel and trim roads, Bitumen application to a spray seal Parking area. 2016 Upper Lachlan Shire Council - Shotcreteing and preparation works MR54, Jutemeshing and Strawmulching, 2016 APA Young - Construction of hardstand area and associated drainage. 2015 Ylad Group – Construct right hand turning and overtaking lanes at Milgadara Lane Young 2014 Orange CC - Orange Airport Extension Landscape works 2014 Boco Rock Wind Farm - Hydromulching 2013-2014 Hewatt Earthworks - Horse Park Drive 1 & 2 Extension landscape works 2013-2014 Queanbeyan CC - Old Cooma Road landscaping 2013 Guideline ACT - John Gorton Drive Reno Mattress installation 2013 Guideline ACT - Googong Dam Civil works & Native rehabilitation works 2013 Upper Lachlan SC - Tuena Bridge Civil works & Gabion Baskets 2013 Upper Lachlan SC - Wades Hill Shotcreteing 2013 ACT Defense College – Storm water Drainage remediation, Gabion basket and Reno Mattress installation, P300 install and Hydromulch 2013 Dubbo CC Bullimore - Hydromulching 2013 Cootamundra Gundagai Road – remediation works – gabion basket and Reno mattress installation, Hydromulching. 2013 ACT Russel - Hydromulching 2012 Upper Lachlan SC – Jerrara Road and Ladevale Road remediation – Reno mattress and gabion baskets installation 2012 Sutton Road Queanbeyan - Strawmulching 2012 Brisbane Airport Hydromulching 2012 Molineaux Adelong - Pipeline rehabilitation 2012 ANU Casey and Jacka - Strawmulching 2011 Lyneham Sports Precinct - Culvert gabions and Reno mattress installation 2011 Coombs Pond - Gabion and Reno Mattress installation 2011 / 2012 Kings Highway Southern Deviation, remediation works, Strawmulching. Hydromulching 2011 – Snowy Works and Services, Tumut / Adelong - Hydromulching 2011 – National Arboretum, Canberra - Soil conditioning / Strawmulching 2010 – UNC Ginniderra Drive – Gabions and Reno Mattresses 2010 National Arboretum, Canberra soil conditioning / Strawmulching 2010 Barton Highway Murrumbateman to Hall (Capricorn Stud Corner) BMD – Hydromulching, top-soiling, Jute-meshing and installation of Reno Mattresses. 2009 Blaxland Inlet channel, Thiess Services – Installation of Reno mattresses. 2009 Crudine Reconstruction RTA Orange – Installation of Reno mattresses. 2008 The Arboretum and Botanical Gardens Canberra – Installation of Reno Mattresses, Gabion baskets and wall. 2008/2009 Tumut VISY P&P Mill – Bulk earthworks, top-soiling, Reno mattress installation, rock riprap installation and jute-meshing. 2009 Gundagai Sheahan Bridge Fulton Hogan - Earthworks, Reno mattress installation, Shotcreteing, various applications of scour protection products (Eco-cell, Jute-mesh etc.) 2009 Gundagai Sheahan Bridge Fulton Hogan - install Boral Keystone Blocks on earth retaining wall. 2008 Gillenbah Creek Bridge and Poison Waterholes Creek at Gillenbah, construct Gabion Walls. 2007 ARTC at Marinna (Junee) - Embankment rehabilitation, including major earthworks, drainage, jute-meshing and Hydromulching. 2007 Orange City Council Northern Distributor project - Hydromulching, jute-meshing, install Reno mattresses and minor earthworks. 2007 Roads and Traffic Authority, Goulburn - Hydromulching and Install Reno mattresses for scour protection on the Carrick Road and Towrang Road intersection upgrade. 2007 Dubbo City Council, Adelong, Roads and Traffic Authority, Batlow, Snowy Mountains Services – Hydromulching at various locations, 2007 Black River Farm Garangula - Hydromulching, Jutemeshing, P300 cloth, minor earthworks. 2007 Crookwell Upper Lachlan Shire Council – Hydromulching, Jutemeshing, Rip Rap install and minor earthworks. 2007 Yass Valley Council – Hydromulching, Gundaroo and Sutton. 2006 Murrumbidgee Irrigation / Wilde Civil Constructions – Barren Box Wetland Storage project, Griffith – Hydromulching 25 hectares, construction of 2 major Spillways using Gabion baskets and reno mattresses, placement of rock on embankment wall (approximately 85,000 tonnes moved and placed) plus Installation of 120,000m2 of geotextile Liner.
Revegetation & Erosion Control Services MAIN OFFICE 3519 Moppity Rd, Young NSW 2594 (02) 6382 4588 QLD mailing address PO Box 145 Dalby QLD, 4405

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